Diamond Burnishing Tools

We have develop and manufacture external, internal, contour and custom made diamond burnishing tools since 1965. 

Diamond inserts for all brands on the market.

Explore our premium range of sliding diamond burnishing tools, manufactured with top quality diamonds.

Diamond burnishing tools are used to provide a mirror finish by smoothing metal surfaces with a spherical highly polished diamond geometry sliding with proper pressure and feedtrate.
It simultaneously achieves high productivity, precision finishing, and surface quality improvements and wear resistance and fatigue strength. Performs an plastic deformation on the metal surface without any material removal.
It easily achieves super precision finishing for parts at low cost. Sliding Diamond burnishing tools is used in various industrial sectors to improve surface finish extrenal,intenal, face, or complexe shapes.
Incuding the automotive industry, enegry, precision parts, rolls, shafts with great results and reduced cost.

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